Preparing for Capital- Video

Thank you for choosing WHC! The webinar, “Preparing for Capital” is a 1 hour examination of 6 concepts that every business owner should understand as they build and scale their business. The cost is $19 for the download of the 1 hour video.

The Facilitator, Will Holmes offers an open and honest assessment of the things he wish he knew when he started in 2006 and details how understanding these concepts are essential to the growth of any business. It is raw, honest, funny and filled with the details you need to avoid trial and error and start making money faster.

Will Holmes covers the following topics:

  • Understanding Your Value Proposition
  • Knowing Your Customer & Industry
  • What is Your Growth Strategy?
  • How Will You Pay Back the Money?
  • Building a Relationship With Funding Partners
  • What Investors & Lenders Want

We know you will love this video! Thank you for your purchase.

-Will Holmes, Founder of WHC