Starting and Growing A Consulting Firm- Audio

Thank you for choosing WHC! The webinar, “Starting and Growing A Consulting Firm” is a 2 hour examination of 10 concepts that every new consultant should understand as they build a business that leverages their knowledge. The cost is $19 for the download of the 2 hour audio.

The Facilitator, Will Holmes looks back at 12 years of building his consulting firm and offers an open and honest assessment of the things he wish he knew when he started in 2006. It is raw, honest, funny and filled with the details you need to avoid trial and error and start making money faster.

Will Holmes covers the following topics:

  1. The Business of Being an Expert
  2. Taxes, Insurance & Certifications
  3. Automated Tools To Help You Run Your Business
  4. Choosing Your Specialty
  5. Balancing Coaching & Consulting
  6. Identifying & Winning Clients
  7. Building Your Team
  8. Defining the Scope of Projects
  9. Contracts & Payments
  10. Setting & Hitting Revenue Goals

Here are some testimonials from some of the original webinar attendees:

K. Bryant: It is amazing 😉 love it! I have learned more in 2 hours, than what I learned 5 years in business.

M. Valdez: Really great class! I feel better prepared to grow my business. Thank you for sharing your successes and challenges so that we don’t have to make the same mistakes.

J. Frierson: Will, I attended the webinar and it was so valuable. I am looking forward to the next one and it’s time for my business to make money, I want the IRS to know I do not have an expensive hobby!

L. Fields: It was a great webinar. I will be starting to implement on Monday.


We know you will love it as well. Thank you for your purchase.

-Will Holmes, Founder of WHC