This cost-effective coaching program is offered by Will Holmes Consulting (WHC) in an effort to empower small, minority and woman-owned businesses in Maryland. Our purpose is to create jobs and strengthen communities and help business owners address their greatest challenges. 

Participants can choose the 4-week or 6-week version of this program.


  • Provide 4 to 6 coaching sessions to assist business owners in developing a cash flow projections growth plan for their business
  • Offer video learning sessions where participants are introduced to topics and practical information necessary for running the day-to-day operations of a growing business
  • Facilitate opportunities for participants for interaction with other participants and interaction with practitioners and subject matter experts
  • Help owners understand their pricing model, profit margins, monthly expenses and revenue and sales goals
  • Measure the learning of presented information with weekly homework assignments and a final cash flow projections presentation

Your responsibilities: 

  • Schedule and attend all coaching sessions in your package (4 or 6 sessions).
  • Complete all homework as assigned by the Mentor.
  • Watch all assigned videos as assigned by Mentor.
  • Work on tasks assigned by your Mentor and make it happen. No excuses.
  • Submit your completed 12-month cash flow projections before your last session and present it during your last session.

Optional Mentor Calls


Your Mentor will complete a summary of your conversation and you will receive a copy via email after your meeting. If you do not receive it, contact us at Also, please communicate with the mentor prior to the meeting time if you need to reschedule

Essential Tools

  • Cash Flow Tool: WHC-12-Month-Cash-Flow_Projections
    • Email your completed Cash Flow Projection to
  • In-Depth Cash Flow Video Tutorial 
  • Schedule Meetings with Will Holmes (included with your coaching package at no additional charge)-
  • Zoom Log In for Coaching Sessions


Topic: Program Overview and Steps 1- 5

Facilitator: Will Holmes

During this first session, we will discuss the goals of the program, expectations and the following Steps:  

  1. Prepare Your Mind for the Journey
  2. Evaluate the Opportunity
  3. Choose Your Profit Goal
  4. Know Your Customer and Find the Need
  5. Identify Partners, Key Advisors and Mentors

Click here for Week One Homework


Week 1 Presentation PDF 

Videos on Cash Flow Projections and Common Challenges

Topic: Steps 6- 9

Facilitator: Will Holmes

During this session, we will discuss the following Steps:  

6. Become Familiar with Human Resources, Taxes and Insurance Regulations
7. Utilize Cash Flow Projections to Plan Your Growth
8. Prepare Yourself and Your Family
9. Improve Your Credit

Click here for Week Two Homework


Week 2 Presentation PDF 

Additional Resources

Videos: Human Resources, Law, Taxes and Insurance

Topic: Steps 10- 15

Facilitator: Will Holmes

During this session, we will discuss the following Steps:  

10. Define and Integrate Your Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Operational Processes
11. Write Your Business Plan
12. Establish Your Company and Your Digital Presence
13. Open Bank Accounts and Establish Business Credit
14. Update Your Budget and Implementation Strategy
15. Identify Your Team and Establish Roles and Accountabilities

Click here for Week Three Homework


Week 3 Presentation PDF

Videos: Leading People and Planning for Growth

Topic: Steps 16- 21

Facilitator: Will Holmes

During this 3-hour session, we will discuss the following Steps:  

16. Finalize Customer Experience and Lifecycle
17. Finalize Operational Processes
18. Create Finalized Budget
19. Create Company Handbook and Performance Management Policies
20. Finalize Standard Operating Procedures
21. Secure Capital

Click here for Week Four Homework


Week 4 Presentation PDF

Videos: Building a Sustainable Organization

Topic: Steps 22- 26

Facilitator: Will Holmes

During this session, we will discuss the following Steps:  

22. Establish Recruitment Plan and Hire Key Roles
23. Implement Phase One of Infrastructure Building and Begin testing Your Systems
24. Implement Marketing Strategy and Start Selling 25. Refine Internal Process and Develop Your Team and Leaders
26. Get Out of the Day-To-Day

Click here for Week Five Homework


Videos: Building a Sustainable Business

Videos: Marketing and Selling B2B, B2G, B2C

Topic: Steps 27- 30

Facilitator: Will Holmes

During this session, we will discuss the following Steps:  

27. Make Time to Innovate
28. Evaluate Growth Strategies, Acquiring Assets and Other Investments
29. Build Value and Work Towards Your Exit Strategy
30. Exit Your Business 

Click here for Week Six Homework

Resources: Videos: Access to Capital