Thinking about doing business with the city, state or federal government? Do you want to avoid trial and error? WHC can help you with:

  • Registration in Local, State and Federal Procurement Databases
  • Applying for Certifications
  • Capability Statements
  • Proposal Processes and Writing
  • Choosing the Best Target Agencies
  • Building Your Team
  • Staffing
  • Managing your Certifications
  • Business Plans
  • Connections to lawyers, accountants, notaries, tax preparers

What you can expect:

  • Accurate information and guidance based on 15 years of experience in contracting
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Connections to Key Contacts
  • Professional, prompt service
  • Confidential and secure compiling of documentation
  • We advise you on compiling the documents as required by the certifying agency. It varies by agency and your type of business entity.
  • Project timeframe usually ranges from 30 days to 120 days depending on when you file your taxes, write your business plan, complete your personal financial statement, etc… We rely on you to complete and provide key documents and we provide feedback so that you are completing them in line with what the certifying agency is looking for.
  • We review and provide feedback until you have everything you need to submit a complete package. This helps you speed up processing and avoid trial and error and numerous kickbacks of documents from the agency. 
  • The man-hours for the project normally range from 20 to 80 depending on how much assistance the client needs. Pricing is determined before we start and is based on the estimated man-hours involved in working with you to complete your package for submission. An example of the list of documents can be found at:
  • We can also help you get connected to lawyers, accountants, business plan writers, notaries, and tax preparers as needed to help in compiling these required documents. These services are outside of the normal compiling of documents to submit a complete package.

So far, all our clients have been certified. It takes some 60 days. It takes others 9 months. Why? For example, if they haven’t filed taxes or if they don’t have business bank accounts, we need to wait and patiently work with them so these essential criteria can be met. Every client is different. We work with you based on where you are in the process.

To learn more, schedule a Zoom session with our team.