WHC offers business capital and operational solutions to emerging companies and delivers management consulting and technology to government agencies, financial institutions, universities and non-profit organizations. Our focus is the efficiency, profitability and global growth of our clients. Below, are details on our most popular technology consulting services. We look forward to working with you.


New Technology Solutions

New Technology Development, Testing and Implementation- We offer website optimization, SalesForce implementations; call center technical training and utilization; customer relationship management (CRM) system design; new cloud phone systems; new databases; data cleansing; optimized hardware; new software testing, rollout and training; infrastructure assessments and outsourced IT department support.

Web Design, SEO, Digital Marketing, CRM and E-Commerce- We offer options to help your organization maximize lead generation and conversion of online prospects. We handle the web design, E-Commerce integration, social media, Google Ads, Analytics, SEO, Ad creation, lead generation, CRM integration and management, pipeline management and more… We can simply advise or manage everything for you, depending on the needs of your organization.

Technical and Soft Skills Training- We assess your business needs, staff challenges and knowledge gaps and develop a training session or curriculum to develop your team’s understanding of the new technology, new process or new initiative. We also help managers and staff elevate their leadership skills, communication techniques and customer interactions.

Reporting and Metrics- We work with your leadership and staff to identify the behaviors that cause the desired end results and develop triggers and reporting to capture the volume, frequency and efficiency of these behaviors. Examples of these behaviors would include how many attempts were made to make contact or how long inquiries from the website sat untouched before someone called. These behaviors lead to sales and if measured and documented can be focused upon and enhanced.

Intellectual Property, Patents, Licensing and Trademarks- Our IP experts will work with your leadership and Research & development teams to identify the parts of the process and concept that may be valuable and eligible for the patent process. Additionally, we examine the possibilities of licensing your solution as a revenue generator and the need for protecting your name, logos and slogans via the trademark process.

SBIR/ STTR Commercialization and Government Procurement Navigation- We work with your team to move from Phase 1 to Phase 2 and identify avenues for Phase 3 or further commercialization in the government via other agencies and procurement options. Additionally, we help you identify the possibilities of dual use and selling to primes, other businesses and to the public when possible.

Outsourced IT- Our Information Technology, Network Engineers and Help Desk Experts work with you to keep your business operations up and running.  We support, monitor and maintain your servers, phone system, data storage, desktops and laptops.  We proactively look for potential risks and fix them before they become a concern. We backup your data and keep it safe.  Additionally, we help you to develop and implement an emergency recovery plan.


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