About our Founder, Will Holmes


Will Holmes is an award-winning business consultant with an engaging personality, incredible business acumen and over 2 decades of experience in helping organizations add jobs, increase revenue and positively impact the local economy. He works across Maryland with various charities and organizations to create opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, youth and the underserved. Will Holmes serves as a trusted business adviser to the U.S. Department of Defense, The U.S. Small Business Administration, The State of Maryland, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Charles County, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, Morgan State University, The University of Baltimore, The Harbor Bank of Maryland, Merdian Management Group, and many more… Check out our testimonials.

In 2006, Will Holmes founded WHC, a business management and technology consulting firm, serving government agencies, non-profit organizations and hundreds of small and growing companies across the globe.

In 2021, Mr. Holmes was elected Chairman Emeritus of the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce for his outstanding work during his term, doubling membership and increasing value to members and partners.

WHC has received three citations from two U.S. Senators, two from the Governor of Maryland, one from the Comptroller of Maryland, two Certificates of Recognition from the Mayor’s Office of the City of Baltimore (two different administrations), and accolades from The Maryland General Assembly, The Baltimore City Council, The Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce, The Greater Baltimore Leadership Association, The Mayor’s Office of Employment Development, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, and various local and national organizations for its work with aspiring entrepreneurs and youth. Check out our awards.

In 2021, Will Holmes founded the Baltimore Economic Leadership League also known as BELL. Mr. Holmes used his personal funds to start BELL and cover expenses until it was self-sustaining. 

BELL is a non-profit (501c3) organization that is committed to providing business owners the training and support they need to access capital, increase revenue, add jobs and have a positive impact on the Maryland economy. BELL serves the entire Maryland business community, not just Baltimore.

BELL manages various funds and provides commercial loans to small, rural, woman-owned and minority businesses in the region.

Why is BELL important?

BELL provides the training, support and capital that small Maryland companies need to scale. Our programs help entrepreneurs understand credit, learn how to invest in their businesses, choose the right customer, determine pricing and hire the right people at the right time in their growth.

BELL partners with individuals and businesses who share the perspective that investment in small, rural, woman-owned and minority businesses is important to the local and national economy and helps create stronger, safer, and better communities.

Members and Sponsors help BELL remove the long-standing barriers to business capital so small companies can grow revenue and add jobs. Learn more about BELL. 

Prior to starting Will Holmes Consulting and the Baltimore Economic Leadership League, Will Holmes worked as a Director at SoundExchange (digital performance royalty distribution); Director of Operations for Debt Shield (debt settlement); General Manager for Amstar Mortgage (mortgage lending); Call Center Director for Residential Lending Corporation (mortgage lending); and Manager of the Outbound Call Center for Amerix (debt management). Connect with Will on LinkedIn. 

Will attended the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.  Will currently lives in Baltimore with his Son.