Welcome to WHC

WHC offers capital, coaching, operational and marketing solutions to emerging companies and delivers management consulting and technology implementations to government agencies, financial institutions, universities and non-profit organizations including:


Our focus is the efficiency, profitability and global growth of our clients. Simply, we help Business Leaders avoid costly mistakes and skip the painful time involved with trial and error. We invite you to learn more and then, schedule a free consultation.

How we help:


WHC Lending offers business capital options and helps Business Owners prepare their companies for funding.

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Consulting- Management

WHC provides business management and training solutions to universities, banks and growing organizations.

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WHC helps Business Owners avoid costly mistakes and skip the painful time involved with trial and error.

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WHC develops fully integrated CRM and marketing solutions for growing companies and non-profits.

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Consulting- Government

WHC develops training, project management and data solutions for government agencies. 

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WHC develops curriculum for universities, charter schools and government agencies.

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More about WHC:


Since 2006, WHC has provided solutions to government agencies, universities and hundreds of growing organizations.

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WHC has been recognized by the Governor, 2 Mayors, 2 Senators and numerous organizations for our work with entrepreneurs. 

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WHC hosts webinars, networking events and professional development seminars and partners with local institutions. 

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If you have a business idea and you are ready to take steps to turn that idea into a new business model or a detailed project plan, we invite you to contact us and discuss the possibilities.