Welcome to WHC. We are:

  • An Award-Winning Business Management and Technology Consulting Firm, founded in 2006 and based in the USA
  • A Trusted Advisor to Government Agencies, Financial Institutions, Universities, Large Non-Profits and Growing Companies
  • DBE, SBE, MBE Certified for Federal, State and Local Government Contracts 
  • A Commercial Loan Broker for Businesses Seeking Capital 
  • A Proud Supporter of Entrepreneurship Programs across the Globe

Results Since 2006:


WHC is a DBE, SBE, MBE certified firm offering business capital, coaching and operational solutions to emerging companies and management consulting and technology to government agencies, financial institutions, universities and non-profit organizations.

For over 15 years WHC has made an impact on industries ranging from defense to music to logistics to financial services. Our technology and process improvement solutions ensure artists and record labels get paid and that customers at the local coffee shop experience a consistent taste in every expresso, every time they visit. To further assist businesses, our capital solutions ensure that entrepreneurs have the money they need to properly fund their ideas and new ventures. 

Our technical assistance and entrepreneurship training programs provide practical information that hundreds of business owners have implemented to access capital, grow revenue, hire staff and impact their local communities. These tested, effective programs help government agencies, banks and universities better support small businesses and boost the local economy. Our Certifications Assistance services help you attain your MBE, DBE and SBE certifications.

Business Leaders choose WHC because they want to avoid trial and error and they need an efficient, effective solution that is professionally managed and implemented correctly on time and on budget. 

WHC was founded in 2006 by Will Holmes. 

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