WHC offers business capital and operational solutions to emerging companies and delivers management consulting and technology to government agencies, financial institutions, universities and non-profit organizations. Our focus is the efficiency, profitability and global growth of our clients. Below, are details on our most popular business management consulting services. We look forward to working with you.

Business Management Solutions

Business Planning and Marketing Strategy- We use a phased approach to develop your value proposition, examine the market, identify your target customers, and understand the channels your target customers use to receive information. We work with you to define your expenses and pricing model and develop financial projections to determine the returns you can expect on your investment.

Customized Online Training- Online training is the key to keeping your team up to date on the latest techniques without the costs, risks and inconvenience associated with travel, illness, schedule conflicts and unforeseen circumstances. We offer management, sales, customer service and executive training. 

Marketing and Promotion- We help you identify your target customer, and we develop effective marketing strategy, processes, campaigns and events to better connect you to your target customer.

Technical Assistance to Small Businesses- We work with government agencies, banks, universities, incubators, accelerators and small business resource centers to augment staffing and provide ongoing coaching and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs. We utilize private social media groups, face-to-face masterminds and one-on-one coaching calls to ensure the proper support of your clients.  CLICK HERE IF YOU NEED HELP GETTING MBE CERTIFIED!

MBA Student Coaching and Community Connector- We work with your Masters program, Experiential Learning, Career Services and Educational Leaders to create a program that introduces students to real-life work experiences, and we connect them with businesses in the community needing assistance. Additionally, we monitor the interactions to ensure the satisfaction of the businesses and we coach the students to ensure that they are providing proper solutions and learning how to develop and create solutions for future clients.

Executive and Entrepreneur Coaching- We help you take your new idea and develop it; understand the processes, procedures, costs and challenges associated with it and work with you to create a sustainable business model or project plan. Learn more…

Subject Matter Experts and Staffing- Based on your business need, we provide you with the personnel with the experience and knowledge to assist you in your business objective. We offer Business Analysts, IP Consultants, Accountants, CPAs, Legal Advisors, Digital Marketing Specialists, Government Procurement Experts, Data Analysts, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, and many more. We have a database of over 1000 professionals that we can add to a team when needed.

Data Analysis and Management- Our team of experienced data analysts translate your numbers into visual presentations that you can use to make better business decisions. We can send one analyst or a team, for long- or short-term projects, to assist with requirements analysis, business requirements, process change, software development life cycle and user acceptance testing.

Project Management- Our team of project managers are certified and experienced professionals, ready to assess the needs, goals and time frame of your initiative and manage all required resources to ensure success. Skills include Agile Methodologies, Software Project Management, Software Development Life Cycle, Scrum, Cloud Computing, Project Portfolio Management, Project Delivery, Vendor Management and Business Process Improvement.

Fundraising and Event Management- Our team works with non-profit leaders and staff to identify the value they bring to donors, sponsors and members.  We also identify how to reach your target markets. We work with your board and help them embrace the concept of raising funds for the organization in order to support the mission. Additionally, we assess and implement the technology needed to support the marketing and fundraising processes and overall mission.

Business Development- We work with organizations to help them identify their target markets, understand government procurement cycles and budgets, We help develop value propositions, pitch presentations and marketing materials to support the marketing and sales process. Our process helps growing companies and government contractors understand the needs of their true customers and how to best connect with them.

Feasibility Studies- We work with your team to understand your goals and create a project plan for research and evaluation. Then we manage the analysis and evaluation of the proposed project to determine if it (1) is technically feasible, (2) is feasible within the estimated cost, and (3) will be profitable. Feasibility studies are often conducted prior to a large investment or as part of a business or growth plan. This is often also called a Cost Benefit Analysis.


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