New Entrepreneurs

For over a decade we have helped hundreds of new entrepreneurs successfully plan, start and grow their businesses.

Aspiring Borrowers

WHC works with banks, CDFIs and other lending institutions to prepare entrepreneurs for the loan application process.

Denied Borrowers

WHC works with denied borrowers to understand the next steps to address their challenge areas, improve their ratios and strengthen their value proposition.

WHC Partners with Lending Institutions

WHC provides development services to both approved and unapproved loan applicants.  As an award-winning business management and technology consulting firm, WHC has the personnel, tools, products and services to help startups, growing companies and mature firms identify growth challenges and implement solutions to support increases in revenue, profitability and efficiency. WHC assists business owners  in developing the strategy and solutions necessary to build a proper foundation that allows for scalability and effectiveness in the market.  WHC has provided technical assistance to the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Maryland Small Business Development Center, Startup Africa, The Mayor’s Office of the City of Baltimore, The Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce, The Greater Baltimore Urban League and many more organizations around the globe.

WHC is a business management and technology consulting firm

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