Why 5 Steps?  

Having written dozens of plans, we understand that not all business ideas are worth pursuing.  We used a phased approach to determine if a business idea is worth pursuing by identifying the target customer, examining the market and doing the financial projections.  Along the way, we may discover that the idea just doesn't make good business sense and it is just better to stop.   If that's what we find, we have that conversation with you and simply stop exploring the idea.  We believe this approach is better than just pushing forward and writing a business plan based on an invalid business idea.  Those resources could be better used exploring other ideas.

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Our 5 Step Process for the Proposed Business Plan:

Step 1- Discovery (If needed...)
Not all entrepreneurs need help developing their idea.  But if you do, we will schedule local meetings or conference calls to help define how your business will operate and make money. We will work together to challenge concepts and determine the members of the team. During this  discovery period, we offer blocks of consultation time for initial brainstorming and fact gathering.  Choose from the following blocks of consultation hours and pre-purchase hours for Step 1.  You may add hours, if necessary, as we develop the framework of your business.  If we don't use all the hours, we apply them to the next phase.  If you do not need a Discovery Step, then more established entrepreneurs should go directly to Step 2.

  • 5 hours for $495
  • 8 hours for $730
  • 12 hours for $1050
  • 20 hours for $1500

Step 2- Business Assessment
Are you ready?  We send you our Business Planning and Marketing Strategy Workbook to help you define your target market and product/ services.  Next, we will schedule a 4 hour session to assess your business idea with a Senior Business Consultant.  We will review the workbook together, testing the logic behind your product/ service and target market.  If your idea is logical and seems like it could be a profitable business, the Consultant will recommend moving to Phase 3.  If not, the Consultant will recommend that you rethink your approach. Pricing: $400

Step 3- Market Research and Regulations
Our team will begin the process of researching your target market and studying the regulations that affect your business. We look at historical trends in the industry, in the area, other areas in the country and with the target customers. We also do a SWOT analysis.  When completed, you will have an understanding of who your target market is and what/ how these target customers normally purchase products and services.  You will have a better understanding of required permits and licenses.  If the trends seem favorable, the Consultant will recommend moving to Step 4.  Pricing: $1300

Step 4- The Numbers and the Team
Our team reviews the business model and assesses the expenses and skills sets necessary to run the day-to-day operations of your business.  Next, the team will look at market trends and determines the market share needed to have a viable business.  If the numbers make sense, the Consultant will recommend moving to Step 5. Pricing: $775

Step 5- Completion of the Business Plan
Our team of professional writers uses the data we compiled in Steps 1-4 to write a compelling Business Plan to support your vision. We compile the expenses, marketing strategy, management team, financial trends and necessary graphs, charts and pictures into a logical assessment of what is required to have a successful business. A normal business plan can be as long as 20 to 35 pages depending on the complexity of the business model. We work with you during this process so that we capture your dream and keep you informed on our findings.  When Step 4 is complete, you will have a professionally written, logical plan that you can present to the state, investors, partners or lenders.  Pricing: $500

Our Team
We will create a 4 person team to work with you when writing your business plan. We assign a business strategist, an accountant or CPA, a marketing research expert and a researcher/ writer.


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