Baltimore Economic Leadership League Loan Application

WHC manages the loan application process for the Baltimore Economic Leadership League (BELL).


BELL Small Business Loan Process

  1. Complete your pre-qualification application below. We do not pull your credit report during pre-qualification. 
  2. If you meet basic qualifications for a BELL loan, your assigned Loan Consultant will send you a link to complete our free online entrepreneurship class and a list of documents for you to gather for submission to the Loan Committee. 
  3. You will be given a link to schedule a recorded loan interview via Zoom with a Senior Staff Member at BELL. This is part of your loan application that will be submitted to the Loan Committee. 
  4. The BELL Loan Committee reviews all complete packet submissions and makes a determination on approval, repayment terms, rate, and funding date.
  5. Your Loan Consultant reviews the terms with you, and you decide if you want to accept the terms, receive funding and repay the loan based on the terms. There is no obligation to receive funding if you do not want the terms.  

To begin the process, complete the pre-qualification application below and you will receive an email detailing the next steps.