Watch the video and then download the WHC Cash Flow Tool to take control of your financial future!


Step 1: Watch the in-depth tutorial on cash flow projections, managing expenses, growing revenue, and maximizing profitability.

In this tutorial, Will Holmes discusses:

  • Understanding how to reach 1 million in sales
  • How to plan the infrastructure needed to support a million-dollar business
  • How to project profitability
  • How to use the WHC Cash Flow Tool to create financial projections


Step 2: Use our free, online WHC Cash Flow Tool at the bottom of this webpage to practice. Note: You won’t be able to save your projections on the free tool, but you can download the full version which allows you to build and save your projections on your computer. 

Step 3: Add your expenses in the pink EXPENSES section below! You can change the name of the expenses and type in what you have to pay out each month.

Step 4: Add the ways you make sales in the green REVENUE section below! You can change the name of the revenue lines and type in what you bring in each month.

Step 5: Pay attention to the big orange box. That’s your projected profit. Adjust your expenses and revenue to make your profit higher!

Step 6: If this is helpful, download the full WHC Cash Flow Projections Tool so you create your projections save your plan for growth to your pc, mac, iPad or laptop! The full version has in-depth instructions, links to free resources and discounts on valuable services. The full version also has multiple cash flow practice pages so you can create different scenarios for the growth of your business.

Step 7: Increase your revenue, add jobs in your community and grow your business!

Download the full WHC Cash Flow Projections Tool.

Questions? Schedule time with Will Holmes to discuss the profitability of your business.