“His sound advice, high ethical standards, engaging personality, and relationships with key decision makers and “movers” across Maryland have all contributed to set the foundation for the success of our recruitment efforts and his high level of execution and professionalism have made our public events huge successes. We appreciate his guidance and highly recommend him to any large organization that wants to do business in Baltimore.” May 7, 2018 -Joseph Wells, MBA, Executive Director, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Baltimore

“Will Holmes provided a great deal of useful information regarding how to approach customers, contract processes, and preparation of materials for business development. Will conducted the classes with much grace, tolerance and understanding. He was very knowledgeable in his subject areas.” August 2017, – A. Saylor, President and CEO, Simulation Technologies, Inc.

“Will Holmes was my Business Mentor. His unique perspective and enthusiasm help me drive my company marketing research strategy. Will introduced to my company new insights that SciX3 will leverage for years to come.” August 2017 -J. Elder, Director of Business Development, SciX3, LLC

“I would like to express my thanks and my strong recommendation of this excellent program. I also have the highest respect and admiration of the excellent job performed by Will Holmes my Business Mentor. He presented to and coached my cohort with great enthusiasm and an engaging approach. It takes someone with unique talent to teach commercialization to such a varied group of research professionals.” August 2017 – H. Pluenneke, PI & Cofounder, Fairmount Technology LLC

“His strategy and execution led to online registration, electronic payments, faster processing times and ultimately larger distributions. During his time at SoundExchange distributions grew from $10 million to over $100 million per quarter. I would highly recommend Will Holmes to any non-profit or for profit company with a desire to improve services and technology. Like he always says, he is “here to help.” -B.Calhoun, VP of External Affairs, SoundExchange


For over a decade we have successfully provided these services for Government Agencies, Large Financial Institutions, Major Universities and Large Non-Profits. We can do the same for you with affordable packages that help you grow your organization and increase sales.  

We have based our packages on solutions that work. For a low monthly fee, we include elements like social media, email marketing and paid ad management. These techniques worked for our clients including Goldman Sachs, Johns Hopkins and Department of Defense. Our program is designed to support business leaders who are serious about increasing their revenue, winning more contracts and freeing up their time to focus on growing their company. We help you build trust with your customers and create a sustainable Brand. Packages start at $99 per month and you can cancel at anytime.

We have coached and consulted government agencies, billion dollar organizations, non-profits and business owners across the United States, Africa and Asia. We have been recognized by a Governor, Mayors, Senators and Government agencies for our work with growing businesses and growing the economy.

But most importantly, we care about our clients and we make their success our number one priority, whether they are a billion dollar financial giant, large non-profit or leader of a local startup.



After working with us, our clients make more money, add more jobs and have a more positive effect in their communities and companies. They are very happy with our work and often send us new business. We appreciate the trust they place in us and we appreciate them reporting their results.


We Want Business Owners and Business Leaders Who Are Ready to Grow and See the Value in Delegating Duties to Experts 

Business owners and business leaders who want to grow but can’t figure out what to do next, often need a change in mindset, better tools and someone to do certain tasks for them. We want business leaders who have tried to plan and grow their businesses, but they have hit a plateau and feel like they have taken it as far as they can. We want business owners and leaders who are ready for growth and open to new ideas, new technology and higher performance. We want business leaders who are ready to move past fears and low sales and step into their greatness.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see all of our Marketing Options. We offer options with affordable monthly subscription rates. You can cancel at any time.


Our team will advise you on how to grow your business and better lead your organization. We offer:

  • Weekly coaching calls with our team of Branding, Video and Marketing Strategy Experts
  • Professional content created and management of your campaigns (packages 2, 3 and 4)
  • A Shared Dropbox folder with your marketing material (additional fees from Dropbox may apply)
  • Confidential calls to discuss your fears, challenges and goals
  • Guidance to help you identify, connect and build trust with your ideal customer
  • Assistance in increasing sales, efficiency, fundraising and revenue
  • Access to templates, tools and resources
  • Connections to local, federal and state resources
  • Advice on accessing capital, credit, finances
  • Advice on business operations and new technology
  • Advice on sales and marketing
  • Advice on marketing tools and market research
  • Advice on pursuing state, federal and local government contracts
  • Advice on E Commerce, click funnels, CRMs and digital tools
  • Advice on building capacity and hiring the right team
  • Advice on growing non-profits, managing volunteers and finding donors, sponsors and supporters
  • Advice on soft skills, negotiation and leadership


We work with our clients via phone and webinar. Our clients schedule  30 minute calls at times that are convenient for them by using our online auto scheduler. Each client has a secure electronic file in our database where we keep your content, take notes and keep track of your progress. When we talk, we focus on your campaign metrics, revenue generation and solutions to your business challenges. We also hold you accountable to do what you say that you will do in between our calls. We offer email support in between calls and assist you with accessing resources, templates and key connections that will help you grow. We address your fears and doubts as needed so you can acknowledge the issue and move forward with a plan of action.


We specialize in helping you generate more revenue, better lead your staff, implement processes and technology and connect with ideal customers. We use the same techniques that we use with Goldman Sachs, the U.S. Department of Defense, Government of Kenya, Johns Hopkins University, Harbor Bank, SoundExchange and the hundreds of other large and growing companies who have hired us to help them grow. Here is a 2 hour video of Will Holmes training entrepreneurs on leading their teams and growing their sales…


Need more info? Check out our Testimonials, Awards and LinkedIn page.


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