Offsite or Onsite

WHC can facilitate an effective company retreat, strategy session or team building session in your conference room or at one of our Partner Hotels' conference centers.

Commitment Focused

WHC works with your team to identify the areas for opportunity, create an action plan, define metrics and agree to commit to work toward positive change.

Fun and Effective

WHC develops company retreats, strategy sessions, mission development days and rapport building exercises that build ties and strengthen the team.


Great for Government Agencies

Your Agency Mission needs redefining or revisiting and your team needs to buy in to support it. We identify the reasons why individuals may be adverse to change, address them, find solutions and help the team create a plan to move forward!

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Fantastic for Non-Profit Organizations!

Your Board of Directors, volunteers, and paid staff need to understand how your fundraising strategy, membership benefits and events will work together to support your core mission and better serve your target community. We help them to understand the big picture, focus on their part in the plan and commit to work together to make it happen!

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Perfect for High Performance Teams!

Your Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Distribution, Human Resources, Finance, Management and Leadership teams must all work together to support each other and work toward hitting company revenue goals. To make this happen, everyone must understand the part they play in servicing and retaining the customer! We help them to understand their part in the process, how they can help other departments be more efficient and why they should work together to move the company forward!

Pre-Event and Post Event

WHC works with business leaders to identify the purpose of the event, desired outcomes and company challenges. Plus, we meet with you prior to the event to identify key stakeholders, those resistant change and those willing to support the mission. And if needed, we can facilitate one-on-one sessions with certain team members prior to the big event to help make the day more successful. Plus, after the event, we follow-up with you to identify the effectiveness of the day and any next steps needed to help support the new direction.

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Onsite Pricing and Next Steps:

  • 2 Hour Session- $500
  • 4 hour Session- $750
  • 8 Hour Session- $1000
  • 2 day session- $1950

If offsite, pricing will increase to reflect costs associated with the space rental. For more information, please complete the contact form below and a Senior Consultant will contact you. Thank you!