Date: Saturday, January 28th 2023
Time: 10am to 2pm EST
Location: Zoom (Virtual Event)
Admission: REGISTRATION HAS ENDED FOR THE LIVE SESSION. However, you can purchase the recording and presentation below.

Facilitator: Will Holmes is the Founder of WHC, Founder of the Baltimore Economic Leadership League, Entrepreneur in Residence at the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School and Chairman Emeritus of the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce. Will is an award-winning consultant who has advised growing companies, government agencies, financial institutions, universities and large non-profit organizations for over 2 decades.

What to Expect: Start 2023 with a budget for your plan!!! During our 4- hour bootcamp, Facilitator Will Holmes will explain the tried-and-true steps for building a successful, scalable and profitable company. This blueprint is based on successfully coaching, training, mentoring and consulting over 10,000 companies since 2006. Attendees will leave the event with an understanding of what they should consider when building their plans for a successful product-based or service business. The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session with Will Holmes and a panel of experts. Sponsorship options are available for experts in accounting, banking, law, finance, marketing, human resources, commercial real estate, insurance and investments.

Special thank you to TRUIST, ADP, the Southern Maryland Minority Chamber of Commerce, the Baltimore Economic Leadership League and Johns Hopkins Carey Business School for their continued support and commitment to small businesses in Maryland. 


Attendees can choose from FREE or PAID admission.

FREE admission gives you entrance to the Zoom event with the ability to interact and ask questions.

PAID admission gives the attendees:

  • Attendance in the Zoom event with the ability to interact and ask questions
  • A link to the Zoom recording of the webinar to be shared after the event
  • A download of the workbook with steps, links and presentation content to be shared before the event
  • A link to an additional 90-minute recording of a past class on cash flow forecasting and profitability to be shared after the event
  • A download of the WHC Cashflow Projections Tool to determine pricing and profitability to be shared after the event

During the 4 hours we will cover topics including:

  • Choosing what you will sell or offer
  • Choosing your customer
  • How to be profitable
  • Choosing your business entity
  • Creating a budget and cash flow projections
  • Paying yourself
  • Planning your infrastructure, technology, processes and procedures
  • Finding a location and operating virtually
  • Registering your business with the state
  • Determining your pricing
  • Government contracting and certifications
  • Marketing plans and sales strategy
  • Accounting, Human Resources, Taxes and Insurance
  • Recruiting and hiring employees and 1099 contractors
  • Accessing capital from banks, CDFIs and investors
  • Scaling your business, selling your business and planning for retirement
  • We will end with a Q&A with a panel of experts

Want to be a Panelist? 

If you have expertise in accounting, lending, business law, finance, marketing, human resources, commercial real estate, business insurance or investments we invite you to choose the sponsorship option in the registration section below. The interactive panel will occur via Zoom from 1pm to 2pm EST on 1/28/23. We will limit the number of panel seats to allow for our panelists to answer a variety of questions from our attendees. This is a great opportunity to win new clients by showing them your knowledge and expertise. Your logo will be displayed on updated flyers before the event and your links and contact info will be shared during and after the event.

Sample WHC Learning Session


Register below by choosing Free or Paid Admission. You can also choose to be a sponsor and participate on the panel during Q&A. Have questions? Click here to contact us.