Do you think you need a Business Plan? Here are the Top 5 reasons entrepreneurs request WHC to help them develop a persuasive and insightful Business Plan:

  1.  Business Owners Want to Avoid Trial and Error and Don’t Want to Lose Money
  2.  Business Owners Want to Apply for Loans or Lines of Credit
  3.  Business Owners Want to Attract Investors
  4.  Business Owners Want Unbiased Market Research and Analysis of the Numbers
  5.  Business Owners Want a Guide They Can Use to Grow Their Business

A Business Plan is a formal statement of business goals, a summary of the research supporting the business idea and the steps involved with growing the business. The Business Plan will also contain background information about the management team, financial projections and sales strategy. Simply, the plan helps startups and seasoned business owners open a new business or new venture with the information they need to be successful. We have found that having a Business Plan helps entrepreneurs more confidently and more successfully move forward with starting and growing their companies.


“WHC provided step-by-step guidance while writing my business plan, capability statement and website and helped me apply for certifications, apply for capital and build my clientele.
-Tatum Owens, Owner of Universal Logistics

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