Who does Will want to work with? 
Will Holmes wants to work with aspiring Business Owners who want to grow their revenue to $1 million and established Business Owners who want to scale to $10 million in revenue. If you work with Will, be ready to focus on profitability and understanding your numbers like never before. Also, be ready to develop a growth plan, marketing strategy, cash flow projections and an exit strategy for a comfortable retirement.

Who has Will helped?
Will Holmes has helped thousands of entrepreneurs since 2006. He is an award-winning business advisor who leads his consulting firm, WHC. He is Chairman Emeritus of the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce. He is Entrepreneur in Residence at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. He is Founder of the Baltimore Economic Leadership League. Additionally, his award-winning curriculum “Find A Need. Fill A Need. Get Paid.” is taught to hundreds of business owners each year through his firm’s government contracts with the U.S. Small Business Administration, The National Disability Institute, Anne Arundel County Economic Development and Charles County Government. Also, over 100 businesses have graduated from his program in conjunction with Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Will is considered as one of the best business management consultants in the United States.

Will has won numerous awards for his work with entrepreneurs and his impact on the economy. Click here to see the list of awards from The Governor, The Comptroller, a few Mayors, a few Senators and many local and national organizations

What are the results?
Over 85% of past clients and curriculum graduates report an increase in annual revenue and jobs added either during the program or within 3 to 6 months. Click here to read testimonials from dozens of happy clients (larger and smaller).

How does this work?
You (and your team) can meet 1x, 2x, 4x per month or daily (Monday thru Thursday) for 30 minutes via Zoom with Will Holmes to develop the right growth strategy, pricing and projections for your company to reach profitability and pursue funding from lenders and investors. We will focus on cash flow projections, market research and finding the customers who will pay you at the level needed to grow your company. Will does not like excuses, so please be prepared to do the work and be held accountable. Our goal is to prepare you for growth, funding and the ability to hire more people in your community. 

Connections to Resources
As you work with Will you have access to his partners across the county who can assist with certifications, access to capital, accounting, payroll, taxes, insurance, recruiting, contracts, marketing and more.

What is it like to work with Will?
Are you looking for an experienced guide to help you make your business more profitable? Here is a video of Will Holmes leading one of his online business accelerators. In this video, he is discussing how to determine the right pricing to reach profitability and the importance of paying yourself as a business owner. If you watch the entire video, you will gain some great insight and you can hear what the business owners say about working with Will.

Who are some of Will’s clients and partners?  


Are you serious about taking the steps to grow your revenue, build a more profitable company and hire people in your community?
If so, Will looks forward to working with you. Choose the frequency of your online meetings with Will Holmes. You may cancel at any time. Your pricing options are listed below: