I’m Will Holmes and I’m your facilitator for our course, Scaling $1 to $1 Million. I am very excited to show you how to plan the growth of your business and I hope you will use the information to add jobs and truly have a positive impact on your community. Click here for more info about me.

If you complete the form below you will receive an email with a link to download one excel file. This free download contains our WHC Cash Flow Projection Tool, WHC Pricing Tool, 4 In-Class Assignments and a list of Valuable Resources.

If you want to prepare for the class, we recommend gathering all your business and personal expenses. These can usually be found in detail in your bank statements. Having this detail will allow you to have an accurate monthly expense number to use for your cash flow projections and pricing. We also recommend that you determine how many products or services you normally sell in a month or year. This will help with projections. And if you really want to prepare ahead of our session, you may also want to watch this video on cash flow projections from a previous class: https://youtu.be/KY013uZOr2U 

Please complete the form below to download the excel workbook that we will use during our 4-hour session. I won’t be sharing a copy of my PowerPoint presentation slides since they are proprietary, and I use them to teach my classes. But don’t worry, all the links and info you’ll need are contained in this workbook. Plus, I will record the presentation and I will share a link to the recording with everyone who actually attends the session.

See you soon! -Will