WHC Careers is dedicated to connecting the right people to the right careers. We achieve this through:

  • Building connections with talented people with a strong work ethic
  • Developing partnerships with organizations with great work environments
  • Creating a simple, affordable method for companies to find the best talent
  • Utilizing the latest recruiting software and marketing techniques
  • Leveraging over 4 decades of relationships with hundreds of companies and thousands of talented workers around the world

We work with government agencies like the Department of Defense, the Small Business Administration, the Department of Treasury, the Department of Commerce and billion-dollar-organizations institutions like Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg and SoundExchange. We have helped universities like Johns Hopkins and Morgan State, plus hundreds of growing organizations around the globe.

WHC has the unique perspective as a management and technology consulting firm of the importance of finding the right people to manage and implement your strategy, run and maintain your technology and represent your brand to your customers.

Our approach is simple. We find talented individuals before they need a job and get to know them. When the right career opportunity comes along with one of our clients, we confidently make the connection. We are paid by companies who value hiring the right person the first time.


We are proud to announce our partnership with Search Consultants, a leading recruiting firm with a database of over 50k talented individuals and access to career opportunities around the globe. We believe that our marketing, local connections and international reach combined with their successful track record and partnerships will make for a winning team with a strong value proposition.

Next Steps

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