The Baltimore Economic Leadership League is a free, online mentorship program sponsored and facilitated by WHC. The purpose of this initiative is to empower aspiring leaders with the information they need to:

  • Start Businesses and Hire Within Their Communities
  • Build and Lead Effective Non-Profit Organizations
  • Organize Community Members and Plan and Develop Effective Movements For Change
  • Prepare businesses to apply for capital (PPP, EIDL, loans, grants)

Note: Classes will be online, from 6pm to 9pm on the selected dates. Your facilitators will include: 

  • Will Holmes, Founder of WHC and Chairman of the Board, Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce
  • William Honablew, Jr., Executive Director of the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce
  • Janice Walker-Emeogo, Small Business Outreach Director of the Maryland Department of Labor
  • Detra Miller, VP, M&T Bank
  • Jim Peterson, M&T Bank
  • Wanda Draper, Reginald F. Lewis Museum
  • Phylicia Porter, Councilperson Elect
  • Venroy July, Miles & Stockbridge

Homework and Resources

Cohort Schedule:

Friday, June 19: Orientation
During our orientation, we will discuss the program and its purpose. Cohort Members will introduce themselves and their mission.

Monday, June 22: Leading People
During session 2, our facilitator will lead a discussion on creating motivational environments, identifying what drives people and how to focus the energy of a team to accomplish a goal.

Monday, June 29: Non-Profit Fundraising
During session 3, our facilitator will talk about how to research funding sources and build a mission and value proposition that attracts donors, sponsors and members.

Monday, July 6: Building Sustainable Businesses
During session 4, our facilitator will discuss the basics of accessing capital and finding a customer need and filling it, profitably.

Monday, July 13: Planning Your Movement
During session 5, our facilitator will discuss basic management of time, money, people and resources.

Monday, July 20: Presenting Your Plan
During session 6, cohort members will present their outline for their new business/ non-profit/ community movement.


This program is for aspiring leaders who are looking for resources and information to assist them with their mission. WHC will choose Cohort Members based on their application and available information online. It is expected that applicants have access to the internet via smart phone or computer and attend all online classes. We appreciate your desire to grow and we invite you to apply.

The deadline to apply is June 10th 2020!