WHC has partnered with a local MBA program at an accredited and well-respected university in Baltimore to connect MBA students with small businesses and non-profits for a half day of pro-bono (free) business strategy consulting.

Together, non-profits, small businesses and MBA students will discuss and diagnose a critical challenge facing the business or organization, then scope out suggestions for initiatives to help address and overcome the issue. The MBA students will not implement the suggested solutions. The event is a one day occurrence to identify challenges and solutions. But, participating non-profits and small businesses will receive valuable suggestions for addressing their business challenges.

WHC will identify the right non-profits and growing companies to work with the right MBA students based on needs and skill sets.

NOTE: Not all non-profits or small businesses who apply will be chosen. Only a select group will be chosen based on their needs and how those needs match up with the skill sets of the MBA students. The event will take place during the afternoon of August 21st in Baltimore. You would need to attend this event if selected. There is no charge for this service. 


If your organization has a clear growth challenge and is interested in participating and having a team of MBA students offer suggestions to address that challenge, please complete the form below. WHC Founder, Will Holmes will contact you to discuss next steps.