Connecting You to Capital

Ready for an infusion of capital? WHC is an approved broker and we work to connect you with the money you need to grow your business. Apply today!

Technical Assistance

WHC works with financial institutions to improve approval rates and develop support programs and training opportunities for aspiring and denied borrowers.

Preparing You for Capital

Have you been turned down for a loan or line of credit? Or, do you want guidance before you apply for funding or pitch your business? WHC can help you prepare.

Business Plans

WHC works with aspiring and denied borrowers to develop a thorough business plan with financial projections, market research, a SWOT analysis and a compelling value proposition.

4 Ways to Help

WHC works directly with aspiring and denied borrowers to prepare for capital and assists financial institutions in improving approval rates with highly effective coaching and technical assistance programs.

Additionally, WHC is an approved Commercial Loan Broker and is able to connect business owners with micro loans, credit lines and financing options.

We invite you to choose an option below and schedule time to discuss how we can assist you.

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