Community Partners!

The Chamber Connection Portal (beta) is a tool to connect Small Businesses in Baltimore with valuable resources, events, speaking opportunities, workshops and potential procurement opportunities. Our hope is that Community Partners like you will submit these opportunities to the portal so that each week, we can actively push this info to members of the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce and the rest of the Baltimore Business Community.

To be clear, there is no cost to you, whatsoever. We need your info so we can connect our Members to opportunities within the Baltimore Business Ecosystem. So, we are definitely in partnership in this effort to strengthen small businesses. So, thank you!

As you can see, this portal is on my website. This is temporary while I test this tool. Once I have worked out the bugs, with your help, I will move it to the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce website.

Please submit the details below and we will review for the next weekly newsletter. Newsletters come out on Mondays.

I truly appreciate your help!

-Will Holmes, Chair
Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce

Please submit the details below: