Your Customized Online Entrepreneurship Program

If you are looking for an out-of-the-box, low-maintenance, cost-effective, highly-customizable, tested entrepreneurship program for your clients, members and students, we have the perfect solution for you. WHC handles the screening, implementation, motivation, tracking, training and coaching of the participants. We can also add marketing and recruitment and alumni programs. Plus, our team is comprised of the area's top Subject matter Experts and Business Management Consultants to ensure that the information delivered is based on decades of practical experience and the latest real world techniques. We do all the work, you meet your objectives, your organization makes an impact on the community and you receive all the public accolades.

Program Options

You can choose to:

  • Use us a free resource and refer your clients/ students to an existing, scheduled program
  • Become a sponsor of an existing, scheduled program and have your logo prominently displayed
  • Work with us to create 1 customized online program just for your clients/ students where you choose the class topics and add your own SMEs to the panel
  • Offer Quarterly (total of 4) online customized programs for your clients/ students where you choose the class topics, add your  SMEs to the panel, make an impact on the community and receive all the credit
  • Offer Quarterly (total of 4) online customized programs for your clients/ students where you choose the class topics, add your SMEs to the panel, receive all the credit and have WHC provide one-on-one coaching calls for your clients/ students for a year

We can also create special pricing and options for you. Schedule a call to discuss your program.

Past Performance

WHC is an award-winning business management and technology consulting firm. We have been recognized by the Governor's Office of Maryland, numerous Mayors, Senators and Community Organizations for our work with entrepreneurs. Since 2006, WHC has successfully created curriculum, entrepreneur training programs, videos and strategy for: 

  • The U.S. Department of Defense (The DoD Velociter program for SBIR grant technology companies)
  • The U.S. Small Business Administration (Marketing Essentials, Startup Essentials and Government Contracting)
  • The U.S. Department of Commerce (Preparing for Capital with the Minority Business Development Agency)
  • The U.S. Department of Treasury (Plan for Increasing HBCU Participation in Government Contracting)
  • The Maryland Small Business Development Center (Marketing Essentials, Government Contracting and Pivoting Post Covid-19)
  • The Baltimore City Department of Public Works (Video on improving the government contracting pipeline)
  • The Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business (Mentoring of MBA students, training and development)
  • Morgan State University Earl Graves School of Business (Baltimore Means Business Entrepreneurship Growth Program)
  • The Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce (Mentoring of business owners, training and professional development)
  • Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses and Bloomberg Philanthropies (Growth Capacity Workshops, Marketing Essentials, Preparing for Capital)
  • StartupAfrica (2 day Annual Women's Conference in Kilifi, Kenya followed by a half day of training at Kabete Polytechnic in Nairobi, Kenya)

Our Current Online Program

Our current online training program, the Baltimore Economic Leadership League (BELL)  is a 6-week program for:

  • Aspiring and Current Business Owners
  • Aspiring and Current Non-Profit Leaders
  • Aspiring and Current Community Leaders

WHC currently manages the recruitment and screening of applicants and the determination of eligibility for the program. For your customized program, we can discuss how you want to market to and select/ admit participants. This current program is free to the participants. You may decide to cover the full cost of the program or have your clients/ students pay in full or part. You may also decide to partner with other agencies or organizations to share the information with the community.

WHC creates an online resource page with:

  • Podcasts of audio recordings and videos of past classes
  • Templates for business plans, planning, marketing and accounting tools
  • Links to state, federal and local resources
  • Links to key software for marketing, sales, accounting, customer management, supply chain management, point of sales and more
  • A syllabus of the program with dates, topics and a listing of featured SMEs

WHC uses auto-scheduling software for Scholars to schedule times for one-on-one sessions with Business Advisors in between classes. This one-on-one time allows each participant to discuss business challenges and receive feedback on their Growth Plan presentation with the Business Advisor.

The participants in the current 6 week program meet weekly on Monday evenings from 6pm to 9pm via an online webinar tool. The format of the first 5 classes is:

  • 5:45pm to 6pm: Log In
  • 6pm to 6:15pm: Roll Call and Welcome with a check-in on progress on homework and current business challenges
  • 6:15pm to 7pm: PowerPoint presentation by SME on theory and best practices
  • 7pm to 9pm: 2 hour Panel Discussion with SMEs on their decades of experience and practical application

During the 6th class, the Scholars present their Growth Plan to the full cohort. Their presentations are developed using the knowledge they gained in class, their one-on-one calls with the WHC mentors, their homework/ research and their implementation of the tools provided by WHC on the resource page.

WHC recruits all the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) based on their decades of real life practical experience and proven track record of success.

Based on feedback from potential Sponsors and referring partners, we plan to schedule more classes in 2020 and 2021. Schedule your class asap!

Testimonials from current Baltimore Economic Leadership League (BELL) participants: 

Each week, we ask the participants to rate the class. Here is some of what they have shared:

The advice was good and the energy was very positive. I appreciated that the panelists were honest and not holding back with their opinions. I learned almost everything I know about running a non-profit during that session. It’s been the most helpful one thus far. -T. Gregory (BELL Cohort 1)

I feel very comfortable with these leaders, as they offer great ideas and seem approachable.-S. Garvin (BELL Cohort 1)

Even though this week's class was geared towards non-profit organization, I did take away some things I can use a a for-profit business.- S. Robinson (BELL Cohort 1)

Week 2 provided a lot of insight about the type of work environment that may work best and the tools necessary to establish a positive work environment where employees will feel motivated.- S. Robinson (BELL Cohort 1)

We do not have a functioning board a of yet. But I know I need a board that will be hands on utilizing their strengths and connections. I think it was great session with different panelists with their respective wealth of knowledge of different aspects of running a business. This is the information I needed to hear to help assess what would work best for our non profit.- N. Surin (BELL Cohort 1)

I think it gave a lot of useful information. In my business analytics class, I am learning that Employee satisfaction has a high correlation to customer satisfaction. If your employees are satisfied, their performance will increase. As a result, your customers will have a great experience leading to customer satisfaction. So, knowing how to create an effective team is vital to the success of the business.- T. Ellis (BELL Cohort 1)

Each week I am learning how to make my business more sustainable and long-lasting.- D. Zimmerman (BELL Cohort 1)

I truly enjoyed week two, and I was happy that it focused on leadership. I am currently in the developmental stages of my business, and now I feel a little more prepared to bring a team into my company.- L. Jefferson (BELL Cohort 1)

Audio/ Video of Past Classes

Metrics and Data

Each week, we present a different homework questionnaire that each participant is asked to complete. Their answers are sent to them via email and we receive a copy of their answers as well. We can track the qualitative nature of their answers and the quantitative measurement of the overall completion of assignments. Additionally, participants are asked each week to rate that week's class and provide feedback on the information presented and the presenter. Metrics include, but are not limited to: 

  • Number of Participants
  • Homework Completed %
  • Quality of Homework Submission (Qualitative)
  • Weekly Attendance (Total and %)
  • Comprehension of Material
  • Final Presentation Quality
  • Number of Employees per Scholar
  • Average Annual Revenue Per Scholar
  • Jobs Created After the Program
  • Revenue Gains After the Program
  • Funding/ Programs Applied For and Success Ratios

We can analyze data and provide customized reporting and metrics for your organization.

What You Can Expect

  • You can expect your clients/ students to be engaged and supported throughout the program. The classes are interactive and full of practical information that can be used immediately to build capacity, add jobs and have a more positive impact on the community.
  • We can create classes and provide SMEs for startups, growing and established organizations who sell B2C, B2B or B2G.
  • We can record the audio and video of the classes to be used to create a library of resources, marketing materials, online curriculum, podcasts and training tools.
  • Our Business Advisors are experienced Management Consultants who will strengthen the knowledge of participants, push them to complete homework and assist them with the development of compelling growth plans.
  • We can add one-on-one coaching calls for a year, with metrics and tracking for program participants.
  • We work with you to choose the right mix of business topics to ensure that your students/ clients stay engaged and find value in the material.

Next Steps

WHC is a certified MBE, for-profit organization. We can partner with non-profit organizations if that is a requirement for you to sponsor or fund a training program. We can also create shorter or longer programs on various business topics to meet your needs. Our team handles everything and your clients/ students enjoy learning from the best SMEs while you meet your training requirements and create incredible community impact with little effort from your organization.

If you are interested, schedule a call with Will Holmes or send us a message below: